When we travel, we are always looking out for 3 things; Sights & Sounds, People & Culture and Food. These 3 things will tell you almost everything you need to know about a place, and undoubtedly food is the most enjoyable of all 3.

Tokosa 2017 is happening, and unlike our travels where we can only experience one region at a time, we get the opportunity to experience a world of tastes in 1 place, and boy is this exciting. The thought of choice fresh ingredients and expert chefs guarantee one thing and one thing only, good times. But good food isn’t the only reason we are looking forward to Tokosa17. Here are 5 more;



Food has a way of bringing all of us together, creating memories, strengthening bonds and maybe even giving us a chance to burry that beef from last weekend. So we are definitely looking forward to fitting a month’s worth of catch-ups into one beautiful weekend, over some mouth-watering meals.



Now this is not about ‘I was there’ Instagram posts.  I mean, it’s a given that all the food pictures with #iamafoodie will bring serious magic to your IG at a fraction of the cost, but those are not the props we are talking about. This is for the people brave enough to take part in the competitions of the day, and the national praise and props thereafter . Of course if you are a guy, there are the chics; “OMG he can cook, he is not trash.”


There is always a lot to learn at the Tokosa Festival. From cooking techniques, kitchen hacks, DIY manoeuvres, to new and more convenient products. You definitely leave a lot better than you came.



Now let’s be honest, a lot of the events that claim to be family friendly, normally leave you with your hands permanently wrapped around your children’s eyes, and serious judgement from your grandmother. Not Tokosa. It is truly family friendly, for everyone, even when it comes to bite sizes.


Bless a Child Foundation is the beneficiary of #Tokosa17.  Each and every one of us can be a part of helping refurbish their kitchen to make their cooking space more user friendly. This is a cause we definitely can get behind.



Koikoi Delicacy: Color. Taste. Variety.

Uganda is so rich in the variety of food on offer, ranging from fresh food to processed food. One might live all of their life in Uganda without ever having to consume processed food. This variety and depth of the offering is what #KoikoiDelicacy themed week sought to capture.

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