Hello, my name is David and I am a recovering couch potato. It’s hard, it really is. You wake up one day and realize you have missed out on everything, the breath taking sunsets, the smiles, the feel of grass and sand beneath your feet, everything. All because you were too absorbed, taking in one episode after the other, one 140 character rant after another, too absorbed to notice. You wake up on a day like today and realize, you missed it all.

Now I know you are tempted to say to yourself, “I have missed too much, I can’t catch up, “or “experiences are too expensive, have you seen the price of accommodation?” I know I did. I convinced myself I didn’t need to see the world. I told myself I could see it all in 45 minute bursts with perfect punch lines and background music, that I was different. I could afford to be this person.

A couple of months ago I started to have conversations with people about this little dream that started with me trying to impress a girl on the rooftop somewhere. I looked out at the sky that night and I realized, there was a hold world out there to see and I had missing. These conversations led me to a breakfast this morning with a couple of media people, bloggers and country directors. Yes I said it, country directors, let me even add, country directors of multinationals so you can know how important I feel. Though come to think about it, they wouldn’t be country directors if their company was not a multinational right? It has just hit you, hasn’t it? Well, that’s not the important part.

I met a nice gentleman called Solomon Mario Oleny who is part of local tourist group called Bayaya, a bunch of Ugandans who are about sharing cost and seeing Uganda in the most effective way. I am definitely hitching the next hippie caravan these chaps put together to see this beautiful country.

I sat down with the wonderful people from and they told me how travelling the country doesn’t have to be expensive because they have gone out of their way to negotiate for you the best price with hotels around the country. These prices you won’t find at the hotels themselves. In doubt? See for yourself

I learnt about a magazine called The View, and got the wedding destination I have always dreamed of. A church that sits all of 4 people, possibly the smallest in the world. Now that would cut down on my guest list tremendously would it not?

A few months off my couch and I have learnt all this, saved money and found a pretty romantic way to weasel my out of an expensive wedding. This is the real winning.

So I would like to invite you to start winning. Start small, join me and a couple of friends site see, learn and photograph Kampala this weekend under the awesome initiative #Koikoiug. Come snap a photo, share with the world, meet new people and enjoy a cold one at  sunset. Register here, and let’s catch up Sunday at the #KoikoiInstawalk.


  1. Moritz Reply

    Sounds like a great change! Sometimes you just have to get up in life 🙂

  2. Rebecca J. Reply

    Hey, loving this page and it’s vision! I will be living in Uganda for two + years under Peace Corps service starting in June. More than anything, I am looking to learn as much as I possibly can about Uganda, connect and befriend local Ugandans, and tell a different more dynamic story of Africa, particularly Uganda through photos and film alongside a good network of people. I would love to connect with you all soon, and especially while in-country. Feel free to connect with me via email and instagram @rebzjustchillen. How can I get in contact with you all? Thanks in advance!

    1. koikoiug Reply

      Hello Rebecca,

      We’re happy to hear that you’ll be living in Uganda and interested in learning about Uganda. You can see more of our work and stories on the hashtag #KoikoiUG allover the internet email us at

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