Have you ever looked up photo’s of Uganda on Instagram? We have. You should to. The results are nothing short of breathtaking. See for yourself.

@petermayanja 4 irenexploresbw 7 @petermayanja

@irenexploresbw 2 typical ugandan 2 typical ugandan 3

typical ugandan 4 @irenexploresbw 5 @wokxne

Thanks to Instagrammers like @irenexplores, @petermayanja, @thisisuganda (give them a follow by the way) who are not afraid to share the Ugandan story, there is good about Uganda floating around the internet, but it is barely enough. You and I need to add our voices to this. We need to add our Instagram accounts onto this. We need to make more noise about our country.

First stop, #KoikoiInstawalk. On Sunday 13th November, join us as we capture Kampala, starting from the KCCA Katale and going on till Gadaffi mosque, capturing the pulsating urban culture and landmarks of our beautiful capital city.


So save the date, get a pair of comfy walking shoes, your phone or camera and meet us at 4pm at the KCCA Katale stage. We shall bring the drinks, and the sandwiches. Just register here so we know you are coming.

And over the next 10 weeks after this, lets follow the hashtag #Koikoiug, share photo’s from the weeks theme, be part of the weekly conversation and tell the Ugandan story, one Instagram post at a time.

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