Everything You Need To Know About Kampala Photo Week 2018

What is the Kampala Photo Week?

In this day an age, with increasing access to cameras, photography is a huge part of how we experience the world around us (Thank you Instagram). It is how we celebrate the things that are important to us. It is how hold on to the moments we never want to forget.

This June, Kafunda Kreative and KoiKoiUg invites you to celebrate the joy that photography brings in the first ever Kampala Photo Week.

How will it work.
Kampala Photo Week will be a whole 7 days of activities, challenges and exciting giveaways to enable and encourage us to experience, document and share the beautiful city of Kampala.

Here is what you can expect.

  1. Kla Photo Week Meet Up | 22nd June

Meet Ups bring people together to do more of what they want to do in life. The Kla Photo Week will bring people together over the love for Kampala, Uganda and Photography.

The evening will be the official launch of Kla Photo Week and will be an evening of short lectures, scintillating conversation, a photo exhibition from the team at #KoiKoiUG and coffee.

  1. Daily Photo Challenges | 25th – 29th June

Photo Week is a chance for photographers young and old, pro or beginner to share their work and perspective with the world. So please don’t hesitate to share passion projects, abstract concepts or that picture that makes you smile. However to make it exciting, we have introduced daily photo challenges to push our creativity a little.

  1. The Night Shift | 28th June

A limited slot evening photo meet up across Kampala. Follow @KoiKoiUG and @KafundaKreative for registration details.

  1. The #KoiKoiUg Kla Photo InstaMeet | 30th June

To wind up the photo week, KafundaKreative will partner with KoiKoiUG to do a #KlaPhotoMeet, a chance to network and photograph our beautiful city Kampala.

How can you participate?

  • Attend our opening event on the 23rd of June at The SafeBoda Offices. Come lets have some coffee, listen to some photographers share tips, tricks and stories, network, checkout some cool photos taken over 3 years of KoiKoiUg and have fun.
  • Follow @KafundaKreative and @KoiKoiUg so you can keep up with the daily prompts for the photo challenges. Our partners from Safe Boda will be giving out some exciting gifts for the best participants from every day, and overall through the week.
  • #KlaPhotoWeek isn’t just about the challenges that happen everyday. Its also about your personal work. Share work you have already taken using the tag #klaphotoweek. We are looking forward to see your passion projects, abstract concepts, and all those pictures and things that make you smile.
  • Attend our Kla Photo Week instameet on 30th June starting at SafeBoda offices. And no you don’t have to be a photographer. Models are welcome too. Everything looks better with some beautiful/handsome people in it.



An honest, balanced depiction of Uganda. That is what #Koikoiug is supposed to be. That’s what we at Kafunda Kreative want it to be, all three of us so far. But then there is what the cold feet want it to be. “Oh you have no sponsorship they say, you won’t be able to pull it off.” “Oh you have no incentives; people won’t participate if you are not giving them something.”

It has been a scary couple of months trying to make #koikoiug work. Countless meetings, postponements, waking up in cold sweats, prayer, knocking on doors, begging, you name it, we have done it.

Cold feet say, “what if it doesn’t work out, what if no one comes, what if no one participates?” And every day we have pushed on, saying, “ what if they do?” What if Ugandans stand up, get together and minus all the gimmicks and flash put 1 million photos of Uganda out on the internet? What if we tell 1 million stories? What if Ugandans shout out Koikoi? What if we manage to put out Uganda’s first crowd sourced ad? Can we tell a story about this country, our country that will stop the world in its tracks?

That story starts this weekend, Sunday September 13th, as we do an Instawalk around Kampala, starting at the KCCA Katale and ending at the Gadhafi mosque capturing the pulsating urban culture of our countries capital. After which, all through to the 20th of November, we shall have a weekly photo challenge with themes like Landmarks, Independence, Innovation, Night out, Proudly East African and so many more. And at the end of those 10 weeks, all this will put into a series of ads reminding the world, that Uganda is still The Pearl of Africa.

How do you get involved? Well, show up for the Instawalk this weekend. Be a part of the 10 week photo challenge. If you are a business, get in touch, give something, support the team that’s doing this. Otherwise spread the word, share this blog post. Follow Kafunda Kreative on twitter, facebook and Instagram, and share the weeks themes, tell a friend, whatever you can do, do it. Just don’t sit it out.

An honest, balanced depiction of Uganda, for Uganda, by Ugandans. We cannot do that without Ugandans. We cannot do it without you.