Kigezi Martyrs’ Day Celebrations through Nicholas’ Lens.

Every June 3rd, Christians all over the country, the African continent, and all over the globe gather to pray and remember the Uganda martyrs who were executed between 31 January 1885 and 27 January 1887 on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga II the king of Buganda kingdom by then.

Thousands gathered to celebrate Martyrs’ day  at the Anglican shrine in Nakiyanjja, this year’s celebrations were organized by Kigezi Region under the leadership of Prime minister Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda and former prime Minister Hon. Amama Mbabazi, president  Museveni  was the chief guest accompanied by the first lady Janet Museveni, upon arrival Museveni shook hands his nemesis Dr Kizza Besigye in a rear gesture of reconciliation that drove crowds into cheers.

President Yoweri Museveni shaking hands with Dr. Kizza Besigye

While speaking, Museveni promised to build the Anglican shrine match the standards of the neighboring Catholic facility “ this place is slippery and people can easily fall we are going to build it like we did for he catholic friends”

Here are some of the pictures from the event:

Nicholas is a photojournalist with The Observer Newspaper who does documentary, events and has a vast experience. As photojournalist, a writer and blogger, he has covered major and historical events around Uganda and the continent, many of which have been in the areas of health, sports, conflict and development. Nicholas holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with a bias in photojournalism. He has previously done freelance work for a European news website called Equal times and a number of NGO’s.

He emerged the 2nd Runner Up in the UPPA Awards 2017 (in the category of news Photographic Award). He has also taught photo journalism a Makerere university in 2016 and photography at Heritage International school . A highly motivated individual, he is a team player with the ability to adapt to change; flexible and ambitious


This is my second time photographing this particular event and I always find it really amazing . I get to see a lot of different kinds of people from across the country and get to hear their different stories especially those that traveled from far and wide to be a part of this Martyrs Day Celebration. I think for me its mindblowing how religion gets to bring together large sums of people for one cause.

Martyrs Day is a celebration/remembrance of the sacrifice made by ‘The Uganda Martyrs ‘, a group of 23 Anglican and 22 Catholic converts to Christianity in the Buganda Kingdom,  executed between 31 January 1885 and 27 January 1887.[1][2]

They were killed on orders of Mwanga II, the Kabaka (King) of Buganda. The deaths took place at a time when there was a three-way religious struggle for political influence at the Buganda royal court.

Martyrs day is observed on the 3rd of June everywhere attracting pilgrims from around the world.  This ‘feast day’ is included in the General Roman Calendar. The Catholic Church beatified the 22 Catholic martyrs of its faith in 1920 and canonized them in 1964.



Tibawesa Stuart is a photographer from Kampala. He loves taking photos and memories, basketball. “Getting to experience new things is what I live for and being a whiteness to different situations within our lives and the people around us” Check out his blog here

Ninno Jack Jr’s 7 Best Pictures From Northeastern Uganda

“Wherever I set foot, I capture the world around me. I am constantly in search of untainted beauty, authentic faces, raw nature, and untold stories with the magic of the lens. Here, I share with the world my stories in personally crafted imagery.

Being a graphics designer by day, I discovered photography later. It was easy to dive into because with my graphics background, I was able to grasp various photography techniques.

My mission on this journey is to show people the undiscovered beauty in and around them, through the work I produce. I intend to reveal personality, character, show people what realness they behold and tell their stories through their portraits. I also present you with an angle of Uganda – my home, and Africa that you may not have seen or experienced before” – Ninno Jack Jr.

Best 7 pictures from Northeastern Uganda:

#koikoiUG #koikoiNE The landscape of Kidepo, kaabong – Uganda
Birds and a Giraffes having a symbiotic relationship #koikoiUG #KoikoiNE
A young lad over looking the forest on top of Aruu Falls in Pader,Uganda.
#koikoiUG #KoikoiNE
A young in Manyatta community smile for Ninno;s camera, whatever he told her to smile like this we don’t know. #koikoiUG #KoikoiNE
These are our people in the manyattas, we are them and they are us.
#KoikoiUG #KoikoiNE
Karen Diamond in Air, smilig, dabbing, and cross legged.
Joel Jemba chasing the sunrise in Kidepo Valley National Park.#KoikoiUG #KoikoiNE

People Embracing Phone Photography In Uganda.

Most of us keep our phones with us almost all the time. They have become an extension of us. Our clocks, our planners, our mirrors, our doctors and the keepers of our most intimate thoughts. Of recent because of our constant dependence on our phones, they have been receiving a lot of negative publicity or is that social media. Anyway, despite the flack, phones have also come with the liberalization of Photography.This, coupled with a million and one editing apps, and the ability to self-publish with the emergence of social media networks and affordable data like Airtel data blast, phone photography is on the rise in this generation. And because of the advancement in the camera technology packed in our phones, pro photographers can no longer look down on people taking pictures with their phones. For many, they have even started to refer to them as their second camera. Phone photography has become an art form of its own.

Recently, we asked different phone photographers to share with us their best shots in a questionnaire thread we did on our Kafunda Kreatives Twitter account, the responses and the pictures were both overwhelming! We have put most of these shots in this article to; showcase these people’s craft, to inspire many other emerging phone photographers, and perhaps learn a few things from each other.

In no particular order we give you;

Angella Atwine a Journalism and Communication Student, phone Photography started for her when she didn’t own a camera then yet she wanted to shoot, she decided to try the phone camera out and it worked. She is a multitasking beast who loves doing so much and like to live.

Angella‘s Submission

“I believe and know phone photography can take you places.”

Amanyire Innocent aka Ninno Jack Jr. a Graphics Designer and Photographer,  Initially he could not afford a DSLR camera, he had to maximize with what he had, the phone. Currently, he is working his way up with a $1000 Nikon Camera.

Ninno Jr.’s Submission

“Learn, learn with whatever resource is available, if you are passionate about photography, your skills will be noticeable on a $100 phone then work your way up to a $6000 camera.”

Eddy Atum Benjamin but more popularly known as Benjaah Edwards, he studied Horticulture at Makerere University but gravitated towards writing and blogging as a passion, but soon, it shocked him by becoming a major source of income. He is also a certified Digital Marketing professional. He works in the digital creative space, as a content creator, PR personnel and so much more. Phone Photography is something he stumbled upon. Of recent, he has become a fitness enthusiast literally, he is officially a fitness addict.

Eddy‘s Submission

“I happen to love photography as a means of telling stories. Sometimes, you are presented with a moment that you wish a professional photographer captures because it may not be repeated. That, and the fact that I like playing with photo-editing apps drove me to phone photography”

Sidney Natuhamya a student at Makerere University. He started loving phone photography after learning how to use a DSLR two years ago. He started doing phone photography because he has not yet acquired his own DSLR camera. However, he got access to cameras when he started working with photographers like Aaron and Isaiah Kajumba, Pacutho Andrew, and they mentored him under the Beohrt’s Beard umbrella, really dope guys. So they taught him how to shoot, edit and exploit my strength, which is basically seeing beauty in the things that look normal to the naked eye. Besides school he does cinematography with Beohrts Beard, that includes documentaries, photo shoots, video shoots and more. We can be found at  (This AD is on us – we gotcha)

Sidney‘s Submission.

“make due with what you have, you don’t need a dslr, though it is better or a very nice camera to create good art but love what you do and think of the images you take with your phone as a way to express yourself.”

Faith Mulungi a radio host, online producer PowerFm and digital manager, phone photography is a hobby she picked up, and boldly said it is a beautiful journey. She would love to own a DSRL camera with ‘lit’ lenses and grow her craft!

Faith‘s Submission

“The learning never stops but never settle, always try out something new”

Lumaama Godfrey a freelance IT Specialist with a passion for photography. He got into phone photography around 2015, but it’s until 2017 that he started getting serious about it. Phone photography has also simplified backing up and editing of pics. Because there are many photo editing apps now Other than photography, He likes reading, playing rugby and traveling. He has a passion for programming too (Java)

Godfrey‘s submission

“Phone Photography is one way of art that few people have discovered, phones with good cameras can do capture moments the very way cameras do.”

Marega Hannington a Telecommunication Engineer. He has grown up to love photography especially nature so he decided to use what was in his hands, the phone camera. He occasionally plays football especially goalkeeping and any position apart from defence. He is also an upcoming self-made DJ.

Hannington‘s Submission

“composition, the rule of thirds and be a full-time photography student anyday”

Nobert Aleti an architecture student and a visual artist. Phone photography was jumpstarted by Social Media activities but then, he couldn’t own a camera, so he embraced limitation with what he had. He also likes traveling.

Nobert‘s submission

“It’s good to always review your pictures, gives you a new perspective each time.”

Tibaweswa Stuart Mathew he does Documentary and conceptual photography. he got into phone photography when he realized that phones can make amazing silhouettes which he is super obsessed with. Besides other hustles he does filming.

Matthew‘s Submission

“Photography is not having a dslr camera but having a sense of observing things with your eyes to freeze them on camera.”

Mwondha Ashraf Kweyamba a Civil Engineering student at Kyambogo, He was Influenced by his old friend Sidney Natuhamya into phone photography. He does a lot traveling.

Ashraf‘s submission

“It is not about how good the phone camera is but about the creativity of the photographer”

Blair Davis Mugume Kwehangana from Kabale and Kanungu, Uganda is a fresh Graduate with a Petroleum and Mineral Geoscience degree. He is Currently based at an Accounting and Taxation firm where he does freelance Geology and Geoscience consultancy. He has a Passion for general photography and he is still a budding photographer, thirsty to learn from any and everyone. He is an addicted reader with undesired phases of rehab. He also loves travel, philanthropy, and a game of pool.

Blair‘s submission

“More less a skill attained than a lesson; It has enabled me to train my photography eye to notice things, perspectives, light tricks that I would otherwise have missed without the practice”


Have you ever looked up photo’s of Uganda on Instagram? We have. You should to. The results are nothing short of breathtaking. See for yourself.

@petermayanja 4 irenexploresbw 7 @petermayanja

@irenexploresbw 2 typical ugandan 2 typical ugandan 3

typical ugandan 4 @irenexploresbw 5 @wokxne

Thanks to Instagrammers like @irenexplores, @petermayanja, @thisisuganda (give them a follow by the way) who are not afraid to share the Ugandan story, there is good about Uganda floating around the internet, but it is barely enough. You and I need to add our voices to this. We need to add our Instagram accounts onto this. We need to make more noise about our country.

First stop, #KoikoiInstawalk. On Sunday 13th November, join us as we capture Kampala, starting from the KCCA Katale and going on till Gadaffi mosque, capturing the pulsating urban culture and landmarks of our beautiful capital city.


So save the date, get a pair of comfy walking shoes, your phone or camera and meet us at 4pm at the KCCA Katale stage. We shall bring the drinks, and the sandwiches. Just register here so we know you are coming.

And over the next 10 weeks after this, lets follow the hashtag #Koikoiug, share photo’s from the weeks theme, be part of the weekly conversation and tell the Ugandan story, one Instagram post at a time.