5 Reasons Why We Are Excited About #TOKOSA18

If you want to know about a person, the quickest way is to listen to their music, learn their language and eat their food. Food obviously is the most satisfying way to do it in more ways than one. From understanding social structure by looking at the way it’s cooked and served, to being the thing around which we gather to have a conversation. The excitement for such discovery comes around every year in full force when the Tokosa food festival comes around. A cauldron of good food, culture, and conversation. And this year, #Tokosa18 has us more excited than ever.

Here are 5 reasons you should be excited;

Colin Spart serving breakfast at Tokosa photo credit: Andrew Pacutho.
  1. The Variety
    This year’s event has a wider range of cuisines from around the globe, Japanese, Mexican, Grills & Barbeque, Continental among others.
    As #KoiKoiUg we are passionate about reaching some sort of definition as to what the Ugandan Cuisine is. We are hopeful that somewhere at Tokosa, a chef is going to blow us away with his version of that getting us one step closer to putting it on a menu in a 5 Star restaurant in Paris.

  2. A real family event
    You have probably taken your kid out to an event that claimed to be family friendly and spent half the time covering their eyes, because there was more ‘friendly’ than family. If you know what I mean, Tokosa doesn’t give you such pressure. Your kids can enjoy time at the extensive kids play area, while you also enjoy yourself with your people. A win-win situation for a day out with the fam.

  3. The lessons
    Tokosa always has these cook-offs that are rather exciting to watch. Yes, there is the thrill of the competition and the bragging rights for the victor, but for the majority, there is an opportunity to learn something new. A story is told about a girl who grew up in a one tomato household; a house because of financial constraints of the time cooked with only one tomato. She grows up to make enough money to afford more than one tomato and yet still cooks with a single tomato. Humans beings tend to gravitate more towards what they know and what’s familiar and if they don’t see anything else, they go one with a one tomato mentality. Tokosa introduces you to a variety of chefs and techniques allowing you to take cool things back to your kitchen

  4. That ‘Make a difference’ feeling
    I don’t know if you have taken the time to look at the ‘Bless a child foundation kitchen’ that was refurbished after last years Tokosa festival. Every time that picture has come across our timeline we can’t help but smile. We were a small part of that. A brick, maybe some kilograms of gas. This year, Tokosa has a new charity for you to contribute to in your own little way – Grace Villa in Kabale. Grace Villa, which in addition to providing disadvantaged girls with support, has recently started the Wateeka initiative to offer free lunch to school-going children that may not afford.

    The Wateeka initiative will receive a new Shell Gas Kitchen with a year’s supply of free gas. A safe, clean and affordable cooking solution. And this time next year you can look at Grace Villa and know your little went a really long way

  5. The goodies
    “…in celebration of the Tokosa food festival, we have made Shell Gas more affordable to allow customers get new Shell Gas packs and switch to the better cooking solution for those currently using charcoal and electricity.” – Gilbert Assi, MD Vivo Energy. Need we say more? We all love a deal here and there. New Shell Gas packs have been discounted and refills are cheaper during the promotion. If there ever was a time to fill up on gas, it’s now.

Excited about #Tokosa18 yet. I know we are. So mark the date, June 17th, lest you miss out on all the beauty Tokosa has to offer. UMA showground, starting 10 am, for 10k. Come let’s have some #KoikoiUg type conversation, share some stories over some food.