Contrary to popular belief the people at #koikoiug do not get paid to travel. We are accountants, doctors, lawyers, mothers and daughters who, out of a passion for Uganda, find nooks of time in our demanding schedule to travel the country and tell the Ugandan story. This reality highlights a couple of things.

That “I am too busy” excuse you have been holding on to not to come along for a #KoikoiUg experience, or to contribute to the Ugandan story will not cut it. We make time for the things we care about. So if you care about breaking stereotypes and changing mindsets about Uganda, maybe the first step should be signing up to the #KoiKoiUg Newsletter so we can let you know how you can get involved.

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. There are lots of budget accommodation options you can use. And if you travel as a group of friends, the bargains you can get increase significantly. Okay, so maybe you say you don’t have the money for national packs and paid attractions ( which would be a surprise since entry to most national parks is 15,000 UGX for Ugandans) there are a lot of things you could do that would cost you nothing. Quick idea, a walk around a new town. As mundane as this might sound, its actually really fun and exciting. Most times, we treat towns as gateways, just passing through to our next destination. You will be surprised what happens when you decide to stop to take in the sights, sounds and culture.

Most time, because your leave is for grandparents and weddings,  travel time is relegated to the weekends. It would be nice if we planned otherwise, but what if all you had is a weekend, 48 hours tops, to travel to and from, and squeeze exciting activities in there. How much can one really do in 48 hours? The answer is A LOT. First thing to do is manage your time. Cut out all the things that will cost you time. Make fewer stops. So its always easier to stop at places where you can achieve more than one thing. We do our potty breaks at Shell stations. That way we can refuel, shop, fix any service hickups that might have arisen, use Airtel money and so much more. That way, you have much more time for the actual travel. Also, its important to note that it is called Travel, not arrival. Purposing to enjoy every moment, including the time on the road is important too, a part of the experience.

So whats your excuse again to not go see this beautiful country. Nothing. So we are looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Share them with us via the hash tag #KoikoiUG on all social media. Or if you have another excuse, leave it in the comments below, and we shall find a creative solution to that too.


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