Budget travel is an interesting experience. Across the country there is an interesting contrast as
of budget service. The biggest shocker is probably the food. As a remedy to that, in your travel
essentials, you should consider a little Shell Gas Kaportable. It’s light, clean, efficient , fast and
will ensure that if you draw the straw of lazy budget provider you can still have some descent
food. To help you along, here are some quick, highly delicious recipes you can make when you
1. Banana Pancakes.
One of the most beautiful things about Uganda is its fruit. Succulent,tasty and fresh . I particularly love bananas. The flavor is amazing. So how do these bananas turn into pancakes? You only need one more ingredient, Eggs.
Get 1 banana, break it into chunks and use a dinner fork to mash it until all large chunks are
absent. Little chunks are okay. Whisk 2 eggs until the yolk is combined with the Egg white.
Combine these and whisk till the egg is properly mixed with the banana. Put your pan on your Shell Gas Kaportable, adjust to medium heat, sprinkle some vegetable oil, and pour your mix on the pan. The rest is easy. In less than 2
minutes, you have your pancakes. Season however you like. Thank us later

2. Burgers.
The key to a good burger is in how juicy and fresh it is, mostly the patty. So having a fresh burger patty off the fire
goes a long way in giving you that ‘mouth-gasm.’ A pre-made or bought patty fresh of the fire, in
a fresh bun as you enjoy the sunset over Lake Bunyonyi is something you need to try before
you die. It’s the stuff of romance I tell you.
3. The Rolex.
We could do this without highlighting Ugandas biggest food export. Ask everyone who went for #KoiKoiEast the beauty of a Rolex after a grueling rafting experience, it’s heavenly.You don’t know how to make a Rolex? It’s simple.
Here is a quick guide. Whisk your eggs with onions, green paper, tomatoes (those are optional)
Toss those on a griddle with medium heat, and roll that into an nice health chapati made by a Musoga. You can choose to add some minced meat, sausages, guacamole or whatever you fancy into that roll for that extra kick. This, over a late night camp fire, with some beer, friends and good conversation.

If you have any other quick recipes you would like to share, please leave them in the comments below. We will be sure to try them out on the next #KoikoiUg trip and add them to this list.


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