Kampala Photo Week | Press Release

Under their #KoiKoiUg initiative, Kafunda Kreative has announced the inaugural Kampala Photo Week 2018

In this day an age, with increasing access to cameras, photography is a huge part of how we experience the world around us (Thank you Instagram). It is how we celebrate the things that are important to us. It is how we hold on to the moments we never want to forget. This June, Kafunda Kreative and KoiKoiUg invites you to experience, snap and share Kampala and Uganda with the world.

“ Kampala Photo Week is a chance for photographers young and old, pro or beginner to share their work and perspective with the world. So we are calling on everyone to share passion projects, abstract concepts or those pictures that just make them smile. However, to make it exciting, we have introduced activities and daily photo challenges to push our creativity a little.”

Joel Jjemba – Kafunda Kreative Community Manager

Kampala Photo Week will be a whole 7 days of activities, challenges and exciting giveaways to enable and encourage us to experience, document and share the beautiful city of Kampala and the country Uganda.


  1. Kla Photo Week Meet Up: 22nd June

Meet Ups bring people together to do more of what they want to do in life. The Kla Photo Week will bring people together over the love for Kampala, Uganda, and Photography.

The evening will be the official launch of Kla Photo Week and will be an evening of short lectures, scintillating conversation, a photo exhibition from the team at #KoiKoiUG and coffee.

  1. Daily Photo Challenges: 25th – 29th June

To make it exciting, we have introduced daily photo challenges to push our creativity a little.

  • Rise/Set

Explore those vibrant hopeful colors of your favorite sunrise/sunset.

  • Favorite place.

A hidden nook, a far away place you go again and again, or a cliche place that feels like home, let us explore our favorite places

  • Window

What do you see through yours?

  • Focus

Show us your favorite in/out of focus moments

  • Heritage

Share a photo that channels/ celebrate tradition, whether yours or someone else.

  1. The Night Shift 28th June

Register to be one of the few photographers to go an adventure of Kampala, at night.

  1. The #KoiKoiUg Kla Photo InstaMeet. 30th June

To wind up the photo week, KafundaKreative will partner with KoiKoiUG to do a #KlaPhotoMeet, a chance to network and photograph our beautiful city Kampala. Kampala photo week is in partnership with SafeBoda.

“ SafeBoda as a brand was born in Kampala and we are very much excited to be a part of this initiative to celebrate our beautiful city. We encourage everyone to jump onto

a Safeboda, go and experience Kampala and capture their experiences” –Damalie Wasukira, Communications Manager SafeBoda.

“ Many of our routines are home to work and back. There is the occasional detour to our favorite bar and maybe church.

And that is as far as our Kampala experience goes. This week calls for us to stop for a moment, and experience Kampala, snap it and share it with everyone else” David Ogutu, Team Leader Kafunda Kreative.

The Kampala Photo week will happen between the 25th and 30th of June.

About #KoiKoiUG
KoiKoiUg is an initiative by Kafunda Kreative to empower, provide opportunities and build a community of Ugandans telling the Ugandan story.

Derived from local lingua, Koyi Koyi is a phrase that marks the beginning of a range of riddles that are highly considered as a great aspect of informal education.

We aim to create a renewed sense of discovery, passion, and patriotism for Uganda through telling captivation stories about Uganda.

KoiKoiUg has been active since 2015 and has been garnering much attention from the press featuring on CNN, DW and a host of local media publications.

About Kafunda Kreative:

A fellowship of creative professionals learning from one another, growing their skills and collaborating, working with existing and emerging brands to help build effective and relevant brands, products and services that kick ass in Uganda and then the world.

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