3 years ago, Jana Jachmanova, a life coach and mentor decided to embark on a journey. She left behind my job, my friends, my family and all what people could call stability in search for something deeper.

That journey brought her to Uganda where she says she is living the life she has always wanted. She coaches women on breaking their limiting beliefs and helping them to create a life they want.

Jana travelled to Bunyonyi and Kisoro with #KoikoiUg, an initiative by Kafunda Kreative in partnership with Airtel and Shell Fuels and Lubricants that seeks to tell more authentic Ugandan stories through documentation of affordable, more off-the-path possible local adventures. By documenting and highlighting Ugandan sights and sounds, people and culture, the campaign shows Uganda in a different, more positive light which ultimately works to challenge stereotypes and uplift local and international tourism.

Lake Bunyonyi loosely translated to mean “Place of many little birds” is in south-western Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale and it is close to the border with Rwanda. The lake is believed to be the 2nd deepest lake in Africa going up to 900m at its deepest point. The lake appears on the 5,000 Ugandan shilling note under the title “Lake Bunyonyi and terraces” but It is more famous for its 29 islands; From the one shaped like a musical note, to the punishment Island where girls who got pregnant out of wedlock would be left to die. Its rich in both myth and history. From the Leprosy Colony of 1921 started by Dr Leonard Sharp on Bwama Island, that currently houses a school, to an island that supposedly was flipped upside down because selfish men refused to share local brew with an enchantress. It is a place of a thousand tales. Maybe a thousand and one, if you add Jana’s story.

See Jana’s breath-taking story here.


2 thoughts on “#KOIKOISW – JANA’S STORY

  1. Robin Araujo Reply

    Very interesting, how do I find out more. I am interested in traveling through Uganda.

    1. David Ogutu Reply

      Hello Lovie, thank you for taking interest in the work we are doing with KoikoiUg. If you would like to join in on telling the Ugandan story, please sign up to our mailing list and we shall get in touch whenever we have an activity. Sign up here; https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSFJ_xFlT4xZKsXbu0I0XiElbolIHCJ94AkjdCgEkXpM_qqg/viewform . You can also follow us on facebook and twitter.

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