Ninno Jack Jr’s 7 Best Pictures From Northeastern Uganda

“Wherever I set foot, I capture the world around me. I am constantly in search of untainted beauty, authentic faces, raw nature, and untold stories with the magic of the lens. Here, I share with the world my stories in personally crafted imagery.

Being a graphics designer by day, I discovered photography later. It was easy to dive into because with my graphics background, I was able to grasp various photography techniques.

My mission on this journey is to show people the undiscovered beauty in and around them, through the work I produce. I intend to reveal personality, character, show people what realness they behold and tell their stories through their portraits. I also present you with an angle of Uganda – my home, and Africa that you may not have seen or experienced before” – Ninno Jack Jr.

Best 7 pictures from Northeastern Uganda:

#koikoiUG #koikoiNE The landscape of Kidepo, kaabong – Uganda
Birds and a Giraffes having a symbiotic relationship #koikoiUG #KoikoiNE
A young lad over looking the forest on top of Aruu Falls in Pader,Uganda.
#koikoiUG #KoikoiNE
A young in Manyatta community smile for Ninno;s camera, whatever he told her to smile like this we don’t know. #koikoiUG #KoikoiNE
These are our people in the manyattas, we are them and they are us.
#KoikoiUG #KoikoiNE
Karen Diamond in Air, smilig, dabbing, and cross legged.
Joel Jemba chasing the sunrise in Kidepo Valley National Park.#KoikoiUG #KoikoiNE

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    Yey!! I made it in! 😅😅

    1. Bulalu Tonny Reply

      I liked the pics dear. keep it up

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