A photo can convey the equivalent of 1000 words, or it can say nothing at all. The difference is entirely how the photo is taken.  Here is how to get the most out of your photography on this trip.

1.The Subject:

What are you taking a picture of? Instead of shooting a “landscape,” think of it as shooting a hut or hill. If shooting “wildlife,” pick a specific plant or animal to highlight. Not just a “crowd,” but make sure someone within that crowd stands out. There should always be one main thing for the viewer to focus on.

2. Composition;

The key compositional tool is the rule of thirds. Look through your camera’s viewfinder or camera screen, and imagine it is divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically. To make the most visually interesting image, place the main subjects on the intersection points of these lines. It’s a tried and tested rule used by generations of photographers.

3. Focus;

When you’re trying to capture something in a photo, you want that subject to be in focus so the details are crisp.

With software these days you can fix nearly any problem you may have with a shot, but you can’t fix focus.

4. Perspective:

One way to ensure an unremarkable photo is to snap a subject straight-on from eye level. Everyone knows this viewpoint already — we interact with the world from this viewpoint every single day. It’s ordinary, tired, boring. Fortunately the fix is easy: shoot from a different vantage!

Get lower, get higher, get directly above your subject, or directly below them. Zoom in on your subject, zoom out and show how your subject fits in the world around you.

5. Don’t Blame Your Gear:

Great Gear doesn’t make you a great photographer. However master these basics and you are on your way.

Go forth, break the rules if you must, tell the KoiKoi story.

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