First, there is no KoiKoiUg story but should you choose to write one, it will be you. It will be the beauty of your words, their rhyme and intonation, the dignity of piecing together that will make the Koi Koi story.

Koi Koi is about telling stories – by photos or words or both. You will, most times, find yourself on the road and nature demands that you tell its story. A photo will do but so will words and that’s where this comes in.

1. Write them well;

Get the spellings correct. Perfect the grammar. Feel obliged to run away from the stereotypical blues of clichés, abbreviations, poor punctuation and misspellings

2. Short sentences are magic most of the time.

Nobody likes them long. Yes, I mean sentences. Write them short but should the music of the words require a longer paragraph, four lines should be the most. Long and winding paragraphs are boring, they throw the span of the reader off and make the story hard to read.

3. Always have the story.

Start with it, have it in the middle and at the end. Should you start the story of a waterfall, let it not close with a pool of blood. Nobody likes the incompleteness. Not even your ex likes a breakup that ends with a good morning text. Always keep the story.
4. Uniqueness.

You saw the rainbow? Yes, 7 Billion people see one every year so what? What’s unique about your rainbow? The circumstances surrounding it? Tell us that story then.
5. Set the scene.

Describe the environment around you. Transport the reader to where you are/were. Yes, this includes the little detail of the dirt you smirked off your shoe after a walk in the tea plantation. Make them feel the same way you felt when you experienced what you are writing about.

6. Catchy headline, yes! Just not overly creative

A catchy headline is good to draw readers to the blog or post but equally an overly creative one can throw them away. Always keep them short but creative too.

7. Hooks

Hook the reader in your first line. Create a conflict that keeps them desperate for more. Something to keep them going on till the post is done.
Go forth, break these rules if you must, tell the Koi Koi story….

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