It started with a quick google search about Uganda. The content on the internet about us was mostly ‘poverty porn’ peddled by NGO’s & reports on political conflict. As much as these were true and present, the people at Kafunda Kreative believed there was more to the Ugandan story. And #KoikoiUg was born.

Growing up, elders and grandparent would gather children around the fire. The would then say the phrase ‘koyi koyi’ which signaled the beginning of a riddle. As much as this exercise was highly entertaining, the point of it all was to pass on some much needed wisdom and make us all a little wiser. This experience inspired the #KoiKoiUg . An initiative by Kafunda Kreative to break stereotypes and change mid-sets about Uganda by enabling Ugandans to tell authentic Ugandan stories.

The campaign has been running for the last 23 months consistently creating high quality content about Uganda recently getting a nod as one of the great tourism campaigns of 2016, and being featured on the Inside Africa interview for Uganda.




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